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        Helping Each Child Create the Future 

Governor Wentworth Regional School District (GWRSD)

School Board Policies

A complete copy of all GWRSD School Board Policies can be found here.

If you would like a printed copy of a specific policy, please contact the school.

Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity 

The school district does not discriminate on the basis of sex or other protected categories in its education programs and activities, as required by federal and state laws/regulations.

Discrimination against and harassment of students because of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, ancestry or national origin, marital status, familial status, physical or mental disability, religion or economic status are prohibited.

Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity (Policy AC)  is found here

Procedures for Policy AC are found here.

Regulations for Policy AC are found here

2023-2024 GWRSD School Calendar can be found here


Helping Each Child Create the Future


Our Students will be safe, responsible, respectful, and positive members of the school community while believing in themselves, doing their best work and taking pride in their accomplishments.

 Our Staff models the importance of life-long learning by committing to ongoing professional growth. They collaborate with other staff members and parents to maintain student success and implement appropriate support through continually monitoring student behavior, academic progress, and the emotional and physical well being of each child.  All staff is responsible for modeling a high standard of behavior that is expected of students.

Our Families engage in the open and supportive partnership between home and school environments to ensure the success of each child.  

Our Leaders pursue and promote the school’s vision by establishing priorities and a focus that guides the present and future direction of the school. They facilitate a positive relationship between students, staff, parents and community members.

Our School Climate reflects a safe, respectful, and caring community where children and staff are actively engaged in the learning process.  There is a commitment to build a healthy social, emotional and physical foundation for each child.

Our School Community fosters effective partnerships with the larger community; parents, residents, businesses, government agencies and other educational systems through successful communications.


The Carpenter Way is Safe, Kind and Responsible to Ourselves and Others

Carpenter School Arrival/Dismissal Information 

1. Opening & Dismissal

Opening Time:  8:40 am. School begins at 8:55; students are marked tardy after 8:55 a.m. Students should arrive no earlier than 8:30 a.m. 

Dismissal:  3:25 p.m. with the dismissal of the walkers. Bus students are dismissed from 3:30 to 3:45 p.m. depending on the arrival time of the buses.

2. Parent-Provided Transportation

In the interest of safety and limited space, we encourage children to ride the buses when possible. More detailed information regarding parent provided transportation will be provided from the school. 

Change from Daily Transportation Routines

        The classroom teacher will allow a student to change his/her daily mode of transportation home from school with a written parental note.  Because buses are filled to capacity, visitors are not allowed on buses, unless the transportation department is contacted prior to the trip. When possible, parents should send a note in the morning to the classroom teacher indicating that the student will be picked up prior to dismissal time. When picking up your child, please check in with the office staff. 

When changes are made to routine dismissal procedures, students are not allowed to leave the school with anyone or by any means unless specified, in advance, by a parent or guardian.  This is to ensure your child’s safety.  If you wish to make changes in your child’s normal departure, please send in a note.  Phone arrangements are discouraged, but if necessary they need to be made prior to 2:30 pm.  Last minute changes often lead to confusion and potentially safety issues.

Please ALERT the OFFICE before 2:30 pm re: Changes in Dismissal - so we have time to make the changes. 

School Bus Transportation Information      

Maryann Belanger, Transportation Supervisor

Sue McCullough, Assistant Transportation Supervisor

Phone: 569-2684



ROUTE #3, GREEN        



NOTES: Routes are subject to change based upon student population numbers. Please check the Granite State News one week prior to school.                  

Parents Right to Know – Title I Schools

Each year, as required by law, schools that receive Title I funds must notify parents/guardians that they may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s teachers.  This information will be provided by the school in a timely manner.  At a minimum this includes the following:

•   whether the teacher meets the NH requirements for the grade level(s) and subject

 areas taught

•   whether the teacher is teaching under emergency status that the Department of Education

 has temporarily waived his/her certification requirement

•   the teacher’s degree(s) and any other graduate certifications held by the teacher and the

 field of discipline of the certification or degree

•   whether the child is provided services by a paraprofessional and, if so, his/her 


Each Title I school must also provide parents with the following information:

•   the level of achievement their child has made on all state assessments

•   timely notice if a child has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a 

teacher  who is not highly qualified

All information provided to parents must be clearly written and provided in a language the parent is able to understand.  Please contact your school principal or Linda Perrow, grant writer/project manager, at 603.569.0221 if you have any questions regarding your Right to Know or if you would like to request any information.


New Hampshire School Administrative Unit 49 

P.O. Box 190, 140 Pine Hill Road 

Wolfeboro Falls, New Hampshire 03896-0190 


The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) provides certain rights to parents  and eligible students (18 years of age or older) with respect to the student’s education records. 

A. Inspection of Records 

Parents/eligible students may inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of  making a request. Such requests must be submitted to the Superintendent or building principal in  writing and must identify the record(s) to be inspected. The Superintendent or building principal will  notify the parent/eligible student of the time and place where the record(s) may be inspected in the  presence of school staff. Parents/eligible students may obtain copies of education records at a cost  of 10 cents per page.  

B. Amendment of Records 

Parents/eligible students may ask the School District to amend education records they believe are  inaccurate, misleading or in violation of the student’s right to privacy. Such requests must be  submitted to the Superintendent or building principal in writing, clearly identify the part of the record  they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading. If the Superintendent or building  principal decides not to amend the record as requested, the parent/eligible student will be notified of  the decision, their right to request a hearing and information about the hearing process. 

C. Disclosure of Records  

The School District must obtain a parent/eligible student’s written consent prior to disclosure of  personally identifiable information in education records except in circumstances permitted by law or  regulations as summarized below. 

1. Directory Information 

The School District designates the following student information as directory information that may be  made public at its discretion: the student’s name, grade, grade level/year of graduation, age, activity  participation, school, honors and awards, weight and height for athletic teams at secondary schools,  and parent/guardian name. Parents/eligible students who do not want the School District to disclose  

directory information must notify the building principal in writing by October 1 or within thirty (30)  calendar days of enrollment, whichever is later. This opt-out request will remain in effect until the  beginning of the next school year. 

2. Military Recruiters/Institutions of Higher Education  

Military recruiters and institutions of higher education are entitled to receive the names, addresses  and telephone numbers of secondary school students and the School District must comply with any  such request, provided that parents have been notified of their right to request that this information  not be released without their prior written consent. Parents/eligible students who do not want the  School District to disclose this information without their prior written consent must notify the  Superintendent in writing by October 1 or within thirty (30) days of enrollment, whichever is later.  

3. School Officials with Legitimate Educational Interests 

Education records may be disclosed to school officials with a “legitimate educational interest.” A  school official has a legitimate educational interest if he/she needs to review an education record in  order to fulfill his/her professional responsibility. School officials include persons employed by the  School District as an administrator, supervisor, instructor or support staff member (including health or  medical staff and law enforcement unit personnel); members of the School District’s School Board;  persons or companies with whom the School District has contracted to provide specific services (such  as attorneys, auditors, medical consultants, evaluators or therapists); and volunteers who are under  the direct control of the School District with regard to education records. 

4. Health or Safety Emergencies 

In accordance with federal regulations, the School District may disclose education records in a health  or safety emergency to any person whose knowledge of the information is necessary to protect the  health or safety of the student or other individuals without prior written consent. 

5. Other Entities/Individuals 

Education records may be disclosed to other entities and individuals as specifically permitted by law.  Parents/eligible students may obtain information about other exceptions to the written consent  requirement by request to the Superintendent or building principal. 

D. Complaints Regarding School District Compliance with FERPA  

Parents/eligible students who believe that the School District has not complied with the requirements  of FERPA have the right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education. The office that  administers FERPA is: 

Family Policy Compliance Office 

U.S. District of Education 

400 Maryland Avenue, SW 

Washington, DC 20202 

See related GWRSD District  policy and form



Regular and punctual patterns of attendance is required of each student. Student attendance is the responsibility of the parents/guardian and student.  We appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation in our effort to ensure your child’s attendance. 

  • Absence - If your child is going to be absent, please call the school office and state the name of the student, date of absence, and reason.   

  • Tardiness - It is the responsibility of the student and the parent/guardian that students arrive on time. However, If you are bringing your child to school late, parents/guardians/caretaker must walk the child into the building and sign them in.  Students may not be dropped off at the curb. Oversleeping is not a good reason for being tardy.  Extenuating circumstances such as doctor’s appointments and family emergencies do occur and are understandable. Students who are tardy due to bus delays are excused and not counted as tardy. 

  • Please see further information contained in the GWRSD policy on Student Attendance, Absences, and Truancy here

Cell Phone Use

Students are permitted to have cell phones in their possession with parent approval. However cell phone use is not allowed at school. Cell phones must be “off and  away.” The school is not responsible for any lost or damaged cell phones. If the need arises to  confiscate a student’s cell phone, parents/guardians will be contacted by school personnel. 

Dress Code

Please find the GWRSD policy here.

Lost and Found

There is a “lost and found” bin located in each school building.  If you have lost something, check this location.  To avoid this prospect, we recommend labeling all student apparel.  If you find something that does not belong to you, please bring it to the office.  Students should not bring large sums of money or valuable personal items to school.  Under no circumstances is the school responsible for lost or stolen items.


We love to capture the fun and exciting things that happen here at school  and we love even more to share it with our community!  Photographs and videos of your child will only be shared if you give permission for us to do so.


All children are expected to participate in outdoor recess, unless excused for medical reasons with a doctor’s note.  Active play is an important part in ensuring that children are ready for learning.  It is the family’s responsibility to see that a child is properly dressed for the day’s weather conditions.  This may include a raincoat, hat, mittens, snow pants, coat, or boots depending on the weather.  Please label your child’s apparel to help avoid confusion with other children’s clothing.  



If you wish to make changes in your child’s normal departure, please send in a note. To ensure your child’s safety, when changes are made to routine dismissal procedures, students are not allowed to leave the school with anyone or by any means unless specified, in advance, by a custodial parent or guardian.  The parent/guardian, or designee authorized by parent/guardian, must report to the main office to dismiss the child. Individuals who are unfamiliar to school personnel but have permission to pick up a student, may be required to provide photo identification.   Phone arrangements are discouraged, but if necessary, please make the call prior to 2:00pm so as to avoid confusion or potential safety issues.

Emergency Plan

For the safety of students and staff, we work closely with the police and fire department to have a comprehensive safety plan.  

Major crises, especially catastrophic events, are rare in our nation’s schools but being prepared is important.   

Our plan addresses emergency management planning as well as building security.  We will continually and routinely refine our plan in collaboration with the police and fire department based on experience, research, and changing vulnerabilities.   

We regularly practice emergency drills to ensure that our staff and students know what to do in case of an emergency.  Research shows that the more we practice the drills, the more prepared that we are to respond in the way we should.  Drills may include evacuation, reverse evacuation, shelter-in-place, lockdown, and fire.  The objective of these drills is to help staff and students feel prepared and remain calm in the event of an actual emergency situation.

Inclement Weather/School Closing

Information on school delays and closings will be sent via email. text, and/or call from the superintendent’s office.   Please make sure your information is updated in InfoSnap to ensure that you don’t miss this important information from our superintendent.  This information will also be posted on WMUR.  

School Doors and Entrance

All doors to the school are kept locked while students are in the building. The front door is equipped with a buzzer system to gain entry to the building. If you need to enter the building during school hours, please use the buzzer located near the front door.


  • Bus - Students will be dismissed when their bus is called at the end of the school day.  Students may only ride on the bus assigned to them.  

  • Bike Riders - If your child is going to be riding his/her bike to/from school, you must provide permission for them to do so.  Students riding bicycles are expected to obey all traffic laws and must wear a helmet.  Bicycles are not to be ridden on sidewalks, between the cars in the parking lot, on the grass surrounding the school, or in the front driveway where the visitor parking is located.  Students must walk their bike on the sidewalk to the bicycle rack.  You are strongly encouraged to provide a lock for your child’s bike.  The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged bicycles.  Students who violate the rules for bicycle riders could lose the privilege to ride their bicycle to school.

  • Parent Drop Off/Pick-up- If you are driving your child to school, please follow the drop-off route designated and communicated by school administration. 

  • Walkers - walkers should enter/depart through the front entrance of the school.  

Office Procedures

Change of Address

If a student’s address, phone number, or other important information should change during the school year, the office must be notified and PowerSchool/InfoSnap must be updated.  In case of an emergency, it is vital that the office has  accurate information.

Messages to Students

When you find it necessary to telephone your child at school to leave a message, the message will be relayed to him or her as efficiently as possible.  Since it is very busy during dismissal time, we ask that you call before 2:30pm.  This will ensure that your child receives the message.  Teachers, students, and classrooms will not be interrupted during learning time unless there is an emergency.

School Records

Parents have a right to examine their children’s records.  This may be done by contacting the school office to set up an appointment to do so. 


We welcome and encourage visitors to our school. If you wish to visit a specific classroom at a certain time, please call and make arrangements to do so. In order to maintain a safe environment, all visitors must report to the main office to obtain a volunteer/visitor badge. Please help us by cooperating with this procedure. 


Code of Conduct

The Governor Wentworth Regional School District is a community built upon kindness and respect.  It is the expectation that all students will act in a manner that is safe, kind, respectful, and responsible.  Our goal is to have a school climate that is welcoming, positive, and engaging for all.  The staff will work to teach and model expected behaviors to all students and all students will be held accountable for their own behavior.  We do understand and appreciate that this could look different for every child and that at times students may struggle with their choices.  Our approach will be one of restorative in nature and we will work with the students and families to help own and fix behavior, move forward in a positive way, and ultimately change behaviors if necessary.  Please know that while our goal is always to help students recognize and address  behavior if needed, we also want to ensure a safe learning environment for all.  When a student acts in a way that is unsafe, unkind, irresponsible, or disrespectful, a supervising adult must make a decision about how to best respond and protect the student and others, and to prevent the same behavior from happening again.  When necessary staff will refer an incident to the office and depending on the situation, students should expect any of the following outcomes: 

• Time away from class or activity 

• Loss of recess or privilege 

• Student conference 

• Parent phone call 

• Parent conference

• Suspension:  Depending on the seriousness of the offense, a student may be required to serve an in-school 

or out-of-school suspension. 

Please see the GWRSD policy on Student Conduct here. Code of Conduct regulations are found here.


We are very fortunate to be able to offer one-to-one technology across the District.  The use of technology is a privilege and students are expected to comply with the Student Electronic Communications policy (found here). The School District Internet Access policy can be found here. Any student in violation of this policy may lose the privilege to use their school-issued devices and online platforms.  The GWRSD Data Governance policy can be found here and the Data Governance Manual, updated as needed, can be found here.

Field Trips

Field trips are considered enrichment to the curriculum and support the learning of our students, with approval from the Superintendent.  In order for your child to participate in a field trip, a permission form must be completed and turned in prior to departure.  Field trips are planned as a class activity and an opportunity for students to interact with classmates in a different educational setting.  Students are expected to be transported as a group to a field trip location unless a special circumstance exists and approval is given by the principal for a different means of transportation.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to chaperone however, please be aware that we are sometimes limited to the number of chaperones that can attend due to space or requirements of the place being visited.  Also any parent wishing to chaperone must be fingerprinted.  


GWRSD uses a standards-based grading system for all students K-6.  Standards-based grading looks at end of year grade-level standards and report cards reflect a student’s progress towards those standards.  Students are graded on a 1-4 scale for academics as well as their work habits.  Your child’s classroom teacher will provide more information about this during the fall parent/teacher conferences.

Parent Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are an important time to connect with your child’s teacher about their progress.  Our teachers want to meet with every family to ensure that you know how your child is doing in school and to answer any questions you may have about their progress.  Your child’s success in school is a team effort and we value your insight and thoughts.  Conferences will be scheduled during the early release (November 8th)  and in-service day (November 9th).  Your child’s teacher will reach out with information about how to sign up for this conference.  

Report Cards/Interim Report Marking Period

Trimester 1 Interim:  October 20, 2023

Trimester 1 End:  December 8, 2023


Trimester 2 Interim:  January 26, 2024

Trimester 2 End:  March 22, 2024


Trimester 3 Interim:  May 10, 2024

Trimester 3 End:  June 18, 2024 (or last day of school)

Health Services


If your child has a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, you need to keep them home and notify the school of the absence. A child may not return to school until they are symptom/fever free for 24 hours without the help of medication.  If you are unsure whether your child should attend, contact the school nurse and they will be happy to speak with you.

Medication Policy

Children are not allowed to take medication in school, unless the following medication policy is  followed: 

In accordance with the State Board of Education and Division of Public 

Health Regulations: Any pupil, grades Preschool through 6th , who is 

required to take prescribed medication during the school day, shall be 

assisted by the school nurse or another member of the school staff, so 

designated by the building principal, provided that the school has the 

following on file: 

1. A written statement from the prescribing physician, detailing the method of taking the dosage and

   the time schedule to be observed, and any possible side effects. 

2. A written authorization (request) from the Parent/Guardian of the pupil indicating the desire that the 

   school assist the pupil in matters set forth in the physician's statement, accompanied by a "hold harmless"

   release, signed by a Parent/Guardian. Request forms may be obtained from the schools. 

3. The medication must be in a container properly labeled (pharmacy label) with the student's name,  

     physician's name, the date of the original prescription, name and strength of medication and directions 

     for taking by student. The medication should be delivered directly to the school nurse, principal, or 

     teacher by the Parent/Guardian. Do not send any medication to school with your child. 

4. Prescribed medication will not be taken during school hours if it is possible to achieve the medical 

    regiment at home. 

5. Non-prescribed medication will not be allowed in school. 

6. Students with lactose intolerance need a physician's statement regarding diagnosed lactose intolerance 

    for special snack/lunch arrangements to be made. 

7. Screening programs: Screening for vision, hearing and scoliosis (curvature of the spine) may be

    conducted during the school year at various grade levels. Referral notices will be sent home if screening 

    results indicate that there may be a problem. The second sheet of the referral notice is to be returned to

    school when completed by a physician or specialist. 

Food Service

Hot Lunch/Breakfast Program 

Breakfast, hot lunch and milk are available at school every day. The Hot Lunch Program publishes menus monthly which are available on the GWRSD Food Service page. Menus are subject to change. However, this usually happens only when there  has been a snow-day or an emergency day.  Menus are also sent home with students once a month. You may pay for your child’s meals in advance with cash, check or using My School Bucks.GWRSD Food Service site

The cost for breakfast is $1.50 and the cost for lunch is $3.00. If students would like to purchase a milk separate from the hot lunch program the milk cost is $0.40. You may make checks payable to GWRSD Food Service. These prices are subject to change during the school year.  Applications for free/reduced meals can be accessed here.

Meal Charge Procedure – Parents are responsible for providing their children with lunch money or  to provide a packed lunch from home. Parents are encouraged to put money “on account” for all  students in the district. 

If you are experiencing financial hardships, the Governor Wentworth Regional School District does  participate in the National Free & Reduced Lunch and Breakfast program. You may apply at any point  during the year. Applications are available at each school office or on our district website. Not only will  this help you, it also has an impact on the amount the district receives from state financial aid and will  help reduce taxes. These procedures are intended to outline the parameters of charges for school  meals and to set a process for collection of funds owed to the district. Parents/Guardians of students  in grades K-6 will be alerted of a low balance once a student’s account is overdue by five days.  

MySchoolBucks - GWRSD makes paying for school lunches easy! With myschoolbucks, giving  your students lunch money could not be easier. The Service is easy-to-use, convenient, private, and  secure. Simply go to this link to enroll and start using the site to deposit funds into  your child’s lunch account. Once your account is established, you can check balances and fund the  account anytime from your home computer or phone. Your personal and payment card information is  protected by the most advanced Internet security. To obtain your child’s District ID call the District  Food Service Office at 569-2433. 


School Board

Members: GWRSD School Board members' contact information can be found here.

Meetings: GWRSD School Board meeting dates for the 2023-2024 school year can be found here.